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About Us

Xderma is a start-up biotechnology company formed around topical formulations to treat a variety of bacterial and fungal skin conditions in animals and humans. Our products are evidenced-based and backed by extensive clinical and laboratory scientific research.


The topical formulation for pastern dermatitis in horses was originally developed by pharmacist and Xderma co-founder, Mr Bob Armstrong, from Longford, Tasmania in the 1990's.  The area has a large horse population and Mr Armstrong developed the formulation in response to veterinary and horse owner requests for an effective treatment for pastern dermatitis.  The product contains kunzea oil and other pharmaceutical ingredients.  The formulations have outstanding effectiveness in veterinary trials.

Kunzea oil, obtained from the native kunzea plant, has been shown to have antibacterial and anitfungal activity against a range of disease causing veterinary and human bacteria and fungi.  Xderma sources genuine Ducane kunzea oil from North Eastern Tasmania under an exclusive license agreement.  The therapeutic use of kunzea oil is protected by an international patent.

The kunzea oil is a mixture of various natural chemical constituents which penetrate into the outer layers of the skin to kill pathogenic bacteria and fungi.  Our products are manufactured under GMP, undergoing strict quality control and chemical analysis to ensure our products contain the correct amounts of the main biologically active kunzea oil constituents to ensure efficacy and minimise any risk of adverse skin reactions.

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